The counterfeits that are around us are deceiving.  People get so use to things they see everyday and are involved with continually that most do not recognize the counterfeit.

When we talk about counterfeit we usually think of the money that is illegally circulated amongst the population and the people do not know that it is not genuine currency.  This is just one small area where the devil has taken over and is doing things wrong and telling the people to be dishonest. 


The main counterfeit the devil has presented to the people that has been around for a very long time and is the key one for his claim for authority and rule of this world and is directly opposite of the Law Of God, which is the counterfeit Sunday worship.

We find in the very center of the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath of the Lord.  It says the Creator God is the creator and owner and has dominion over the earth and made the Sabbath Holy in memory of His created works in six days.  Then He rested on the seventh day and has told us to also rest and reverence the seventh day.


The devil is the instigator of the building of the pyramids. 

He claims to be the god of this world and has man worshiping him instead of the God of heaven.  He knows what the throne of God is like, high and lifted up as the Bible says it is.  So Satan has made the pyramids the way he saw it in heaven before he was cast out.  The pyramid is the devils counterfeit of God’s throne.


When Jesus said that those who obey him will live in the mansions of glory in heaven forever, He meant that the rest of the people that did not listen to Him would return to dust for eternity.  But the devil has his evil angels look like people that have died and appear to their dear ones who are mourning their loss and make them think they are alive in heaven and can communicate with them.  This is such a common occurrence and so real, they believe the lies the devil is telling them.  The evil angels are counterfeiting life when the person is actually still dead in the ground.


We are told there would be many false prophets to counterfeit the true prophets of God.  We can tell the true from the false by comparing the Bible with what they teach.  There are many preachers right now as well as through history that are presenting error to the people.  We are told if it is not according to Scripture there is no light in them so they are counterfeit preachers.


The counterfeit gospel is one that teaches love and peace without teaching obedience to every Word of God.  God loves everyone but He hates sin.  Because God loves us,  people want to think that God will save them in their sins but this is false. 

God will not save anyone who is holding onto one sin that is not repented of.  He says if we regard iniquity in our hearts the Lord will not hear us.  Sin cannot dwell in the presence of God.


The devil likes to make things look big and exciting so he has his big revival meetings where people are confessing Christ as their Savior.  The devil does not mind us talking about Jesus if we are still living our worldly life style of eating junk food and smoking and drinking and playing bad games as well as other things we should not do when we claim Jesus as our guide.  People think it a great work of God in these meetings and there may be some who will start to study the Bible and see their need to obey God completely but the great majority will continue in deliberate sin.  This is the devil’s counterfeit revival.


Jesus has given man the ability to sing and play instruments that can produce wonderful strains of music to the glory of God in worship to Him.  The devil can make lovely music too for he was the choir leader in heaven before he was cast out.  As we mentioned Satan wants man to worship him and he has succeeded amazingly well, for most of the world is bowing to him.  He has broadcast his noise throughout the world in loud tones in direct opposition to God’s triumphant melody.  Everywhere you go the devil is beating his drums of one kind or another and those who want to listen to this counterfeit noise are worshiping the devil.


Faith and presumption lie very close together.  Faith is trusting the promises of God while living in compliance with the Word of the Lord.  Presumption is claiming the promise without obeying the Lord and thinking he can get by with sin in the life and it doesn’t matter for he still thinks God will hear his prayer.  The fact is God will not heed the request of a sin loving person.

Presumption is the counterfeit of faith.


God, for sure is the Creator and no man can put life and breath into anything.  Yet the devil would have man believe that life evolved over unknown number of years from who knows what.  This is the counterfeit the devil has spread over the world to take away praise and glory to the true God.


The wonderful promise of God for His faithful flock and the great hope of the few who obey the Word of the Lord is to see Jesus sitting on the glorious clouds in the sky at the end of this wicked world.  The devil studies the Bible and knows the numerous promises to the saints.  He is very angry and wants to deceive as many as he can.  He sees that time is very short and he wants the adoration to be given to him that belongs to Jesus.  Soon we will see the devil’s counterfeit of the coming of Jesus but we are told how we can tell the difference between the true and the false.  When Jesus comes He will not touch the earth but will be in the sky and the saints will be caught up to meet Him.  And also He will still have the scars from the nail prints in His hands of the crucifixion an emblem of His love for us.  Satan will appear as looking like Jesus before the time of Jesus Christ to return.  The devil will make it look like fire comes down from heaven.  He will walk the earth, which Christ will not do when He comes the second time.