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A Warning!

     The seven natural colors, with the added eighth [magenta] are used in therapy when there is an energy imbalance.  The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet, and the added eighth color, magenta.  It is believed that these colors correspond with three musical octaves and with twenty-four vertebrae of the spinal column.  Two additional octaves have been added so that infra-red can be applied to the sacrum and ultra-violet to the scull.  “The color therapist also uses the spinal chart [ which is also employed by the music therapist and astrologer] to dowse (use the pendulum) out the problem areas of a patient and thus determine which color is to be used in treatment.  The 24 signs of the zodiac, also are assigned, one to each vertebrae.  Hill, op, cit. p 218.

     Color therapy can be performed by placing water in a colored glass vessel and letting the sunshine through it.  The water is then ingested, thereby applying color therapy to correct imbalance in the aura.  This type of treatment is still practiced.  It is not necessary to visualize color, as therapy can be administered even to blind people with equal benefit it is believed, by having them drink the sunlight-exposed water.

     Nutrition and dietetics figure importantly in many of these healing systems.  For example, in the yoga- oriented Spiritual Nutrition and Rainbow Diet [1986], Gabriel Cousens, M.D., states: “ By putting food of various colors over each chakra [spiritual center of the human body], I was able to determine which colors where most enhancing for each chakra.  Raso, op, cit. p 13                   

     The aura, [composite energy] of a person is believed to be also influenced by sound and/or music.  Music therapy is another method of restoring imbalanced aura.

     It is also believed that each animate and inanimate object has a specific energy frequency or vibration.  Not all believers in the aura accept that inanimate objects have an aura.)  These vibrations are altered when disorder  is present in the body.  It is claimed that detection of altered vibrational forces can be done by the hands, Kirlian photography, or by electronic radionic instruments.  Energy therapies and vibrational therapies, of which there are many varieties, seek to understand this continuous energetic aura, and to interact with it in order to facilitate health and healing.

     The above-described beliefs and teachings Ayurvedic medicine form the foundation of many ideas that are widespread in the field of alternative therapies today.  I would like to make it clear to the reader that the above-described beliefs are not accepted in the Sciences of medicine, physics, and physiology.  The detection of the basic energy which is the center belief of alternative therapy, cannot be found or measured by even the most sensitive instruments, a discrepancy that cannot be explained by its adherents.

     “Humans do not have auras.  There is no kind of ‘energy field’ consistently found around humans.  I say this for a bunch of reasons.  It is the consensus of the scientific and medical communities.  Proponents have had a lot of years to produce positive evidence.

Negative evidence from equipment.

Negative evidence from photography.

Negative evidence from those who see auras.

Negative evidence from those who feel auras.”  Human Auras and Energy Fields

Don Lindsay

Edwin A. Noyes


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