The Greatest

     There is no true elevation of character outside of Christ. There is no peace, happiness or joy attainable for man which can bear comparison for a moment with that which the possessor may find in Christ.  

     Take the world's conqueror, the commander of armies. He may disturb the thrones of kings and make nations tremble at his approach, and the very same warrior may die in exile, disappointed and humiliated.    

     Poets may soar to the skies. They may awaken the fiery passions of millions; they may cause any amount of misery over the ruins of their labors, and may die cursing God and the day of their birth.    

     The greatest philosopher may lift himself up in his pride, he may range through the harmonies and charms of the universe, tracing the wonderful manifestations of creative power and beholding the expressions of infinite wisdom and the formation of worlds, yet he has not wisdom to find God in His great and majestic works. The mystery of God's hand discerned in His creative works he does not comprehend. Wise in the world's knowledge, he is but a fool as far as the mystery of godliness is concerned. Yet just such human greatness attracts the world and millions are ready to worship these gods of this world which pass away to atoms of dust, to know nothing of the immortal life which runs parallel with the life of Jehovah. This glory has perished with their existence. But the humble child of God has the promise of heirship to riches that will endure, glory that will never cease to brighten with the progress of the ages. The change wrought in his affections has brought him into harmony with the will of the Controller of the universe. Angels have enrolled His name in the record book of heaven and mansions are prepared for his reception when the Lord of life and glory shall appear, the second time without sin unto salvation. 

4MR 232