One thing people have come to believe in, is  that the medical care given the people is to be accepted and not questioned by the patient. There are a few leery souls who are asking Questions and some are being educated in lines of natural remedies. And this is a recommendation for those who are willing  to go against the tide of the majority who have to follow the crowd. The concern here is the sly under current that is so often put with the proclamation of “natural treatments.”

The name can be misleading and needs to be thoroughly checked out before putting trust in the program presented.

     We are not putting aside the great means of healing naturally which can be soothing and without side effects.  This is the way God meant it to be.  But the devil puts his foot in the middle of all the healing powers of God and mixes the good with the bad and that makes it even more undermining. 

    This way people have a hard time discerning what is the right method.  The things the Lord recommends are simple herbs, activated charcoal, hydrotherapy, lots of water inside and out, and a simple diet along with sunshine and exercise.

     The things that Satan adds to these simple remedies are hypnotism, yoga, acupuncture, human psychology, and numerous other “categories of learning“ introduced very slyly to deceive the patients.

     Some may go to a Naturopath clinic thinking they are to be treated naturally when they are treated with the mixture of deception.

     There are many wonderful healing herbs but a person has to study for themselves and find out what ones are to be used for what and how to use them because there are some herbs that can be very detrimental.  And of course spices are very harmful and injurious to the stomach.

     The drugs are a modern name for witchcraft.  The drugs are harmful and never cure.  They will delay or change the feeling and sometimes make the person feel they helped them.  But by the mercy of God the body had enough strength to get rid of the poison.  If the body is too run down and weak the patient has no chance.  Praise the Lord for His healing power!!






[Greek, from pharmakon, poison, drug]